Thursday, 8/11/16, home in bed 10:49pm

Last night after I journaled I got in bed and started a Netflix movie thinking I would fall asleep to it. It was so riveting that I was wide awake. Colonia. Then I had to google it because I couldn’t believe I’d never heard the story before. There is a book written in Spanish about it. I hope to order it soon.

This morning I got up and went to immigration but it turns out I didn’t have court. So I went home and paid all my bills and did a little yoga. Then I met Kelly at burger theory for a quick lunch before heading back to immigration. Juvenile masters with JLA. 

Jim texted me about Hugo testifying in a hearing in Burt county trying to get custody of his four year old daughter. Yikes.

Found out today that Shane Geiger died five years ago. That was quite a shock. IMd and texted with Duane and Krissy about it quite a bit.

I left court and went to Chelsea’s and helped her fold cigarette boxes while we gabbed. Then I went to HPER and meditated. I couldn’t stop yawning. Then I tried to jog and was like, “why do I feel like shit?” Oh yeah, because I didn’t sleep last night because I was obsessed with Paul Schafer’s child molester cult camp in Chile. 

I worked out a teeny bit longer and called it quits. My body wasn’t having it. I went grocery shopping and went home. I tried to start watching Game of thrones but it’s really bad! I think Xena the Warrior Princess was more entertaining. And better acted. Lunch bag let down!


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