My thoughts about each of the four areas. The first area is metaphysics so what is l metaphysics? Metaphysics deals with concepts such as being, knowing, identity, time, space, and substance. Metaphysics is one of the areas that interest me the most because I always find myself wondering about these concepts. Questions about feeling a substance in life, or maybe even why now? Or what am I supposed to do? These are questions I ask myself constantly so I know others do as well, these are the questions that make us who we are that also give us the choice to pick right or wrong, now or later, or now or never. The second area is ethics. Ethics deals with right and wrong conduct, which is extremely important because it makes us who we are as well. People are always faced with a decision that can have a right or wrong outcome, but it is our ethical beliefs that help us decide which option to chose. We use our ethical beliefs everyday whether we realize it or not, when faced with a difficult decision we use our ethics to help us make the right decisions. Or a decision that does not go again your morals or what we believe in. The third area is logic and critical thinking, and this is how we see an argument and use reasoning. This is where we use our past experiences and relate them to something else, or someone we have learned in the past. This is also used everyday, and I know I never realized. Such as having a conversation with someone, you have to think about what is said or how you can relate to the topic from what you have done in life or from something that you have seen. We use logic and critical thinking even when having an argument to prove a point and make sure all of what is said is well thought through, makes sense, and has enough evidence to support that claim. It is probably one of the most important to me because I am all about having all of the information, and critical thinking plays a big role in doing so. By using past experiences or what you have learned in life and using all of the information learned to the current topic. We really do use this area on an everyday bases and don’t realize. We are using all of the information we have gathered in life whether it be from experience, conversations, or even your own thoughts and applying it to everyday use. I didn’t even realize how much we actually use these skills everyday and that is why it is important. The last claim is epistemology, which is dealing with knowledge, or how we know something. We also use our past experiences to determine what is real and what is not. So all of these four areas go hand in hand, and I don’t think we would have one without the other. Each of these areas contributes to another, so even though these areas are different they go together in little ways. Such as asking these meaning of life questions, relating these questions to past experiences, deciding if what you feel is right or wrong, and using your knowledge do decide if it makes sense. How does theory, wisdom, and intelligence relate to the desire that people would like to know about reality and life? Well it starts with having an awareness of life and why things are the way that they are. Theory is taking old and new information making into a bigger picture. Wisdom is having all of these life experiences that give a person wisdom or make them wise they also have all four of the areas. Intelligence is knowing everyday life skills but not actually thinking there is any meaning behind those skills, just knowing them to get along or ahead in life. The difference between reality and life is, reality is a set of Perceptions and life is an experience.

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