Chronic Pain and hiding

This is my life these days…even when I am having a good day with little pain (hard to know the difference) I still take pills all day long. My body is a mess and I have fallen into this depression thanks to the many issues I recently face, all of the extra weight and the lack of want to do anything. Even when I start to do something I enjoy, the pain reminds me that I am not able too. But being me, no one will know what I truly face. I am a master at hiding, if you knew me you would think I was a very happy positive individual who did not suffer daily with pain inside and out. Does that make me strong or weak?

One thought on “Chronic Pain and hiding”

  1. I expect it makes you lonely, dear. I’m glad you can blog here and let someone know you are suffering. People do care. And if you can find a true friend, in your life, that will be awesome. Meanwhile, know that we care. Hugs to you.

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