Confused and Overwhelmed

I don’t know why I feel like this today. I feel like drowning. It’s overly suffocating. I constantly need to find myself doing something, anything to distract my mind. ‘Cause if, no, when I stop doing listless things, there’s this heavy pressure in my chest. It has been with me throughout the day. I find myself close to tears in open spaces, even amids strangers. Nothing has terribly gone wrong. So I find myself confused with a heavy feeling I can’t identify the source. Hence, I can’t resolve. And everything just goes on and on in circles. 

2 thoughts on “Confused and Overwhelmed”

  1. I can relate 🙁 this feeling is the worst and it is so hard to move away from it. I hate crying so I will push it down further and further, and I feel even worse. Pretending to be okay when really I am a mess.

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