Day 168 – Got a job

Friday, August 12th 2016

So get this : I’m playing Dead by Daylight, a stressful game. I get a call and hide in the game and answer it. Suddenly the person says they are my employer and asks if I can work Monday. Catches me completely off guard and I tell him after some talking that I’ll answer as soon as I can. I text my parents and they’re both in a meeting. I wait and hope they answer before 3 pm or else I have to call Monday and start the day after. Finally they do and I call back, but he isn’t here. I try again 10 mins later like the woman said and nothing. I’m about to try again and he calls me. We talk and I start Monday! Finally! But it’s only for two weeks and he’ll plan if I can work when school starts. Did not expect him to call me this summer.

Other than that, I was watching Doctor Who and I told my dad his name. Yeah, I know his name, lots of people do, but no one knows how to pronounce it or what it does when people say it. Why you can’t pronounce it, well it’s this : ∂³∑x² (delta cubed sigma chi squared). Yeah, so he’s basically a math equation… His nickname is also Theta Sigma, since it’s obviously taken from ∑, sigma. So yeah, that’s his name. It was from a making of Doctor Who book. Just no one can pronounce it, cause who’s gonna say “Hey, delta cubed sigma chi squared.” Would probably still freak him out if you said “Hey, I can write your name” though.

That’s all for today.

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