Drama that never ends

This is my first entry. 

I am a simple girl, whose life is plain and usually boring. I am somewhat gray- I don’t really stand out and so it is a big surprise every time I find out that there is a guy who fancies me. Sadly, I almost never like them back, but this time I don’t really know how I feel.

So, there is a friend (one of my 2 best friends), let’s call her Linda, she is my classmate. Almost a year ago she started texting with this one guy from our class – Rob. Rob is a very nice guy and after a few weeks Linda realized that she likes him. They continued texting, but nothing happened.

A few months later I was at a sleepover at our mutual friends’- Kates’ house. Suddenly Kate told us all that she is in love with Rob and that none of us can talk to him and that he is like her property (she hadn’t even talked to him in real life). She didn’t know that Linda was texting with him. Linda told her that and Kate dragged her into her room and locked the door. The rest of us were quite disturbed. After a while they came out and Kate pretended as if nothing had happened. After the sleepover Linda told me that Kate had interrogated her about how she had started texting with Rob and what he was into etc. However at the time of the sleepover the texting had stopped. Linda had gotten over him.

Time passed and I found it all quite amusing. But then one night me and Rob started texting. At first it was just small stuff, friendly conversations and so on. But I didn’t say anything to Kate. After a while the conversations started getting more serious and I had a feeling that he likes me, but I was scared. Me and Linda decided that it was for the best that I tell Kate about it all before she finds out. When I did, she was very calm and understanding (which I found weird) she said that I should ask him if I was the one that Rob likes “just to make sure”. It took all my courage to do so, but I managed to text him the question. And he said yes. I sent some screenshots to Kate and then the hell broke loose. She started getting suicidal and said she would jump off a bridge and that there was no place for her on this world. I didn’t know what to do. Up to that point nothing like that had ever happened to me. I tried calming her down and hoped that she wouldn’t actually harm herself. After a while she kind of forgave me, but things between us are not the same as they were. Me and Rob don’t talk much (summer break) and it is quite awkward. I don’t know how I feel and I have no idea how I am going to return to school after all of this. I can’t avoid it forever. 

One thought on “Drama that never ends”

  1. Sounds like Kate is being very controlling. You don’t have to give in to her. Follow your heart. She never had a real relationship with Rob, correct? So she can’t just lay claim to him. School will fall into place—-not long now! I think it will be allright. I surely hope so. God bless you.

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