Entry Two – My Partner has Autism

Yesterday was not a good day. We had a very big argument, and some hurtful stuff was said by us both. I felt like giving up. He panicked that I would. I didn’t, of course. I don’t know if I could. 

I’m not going to mention what was said – that’s between us. But it was very upsetting. 

I found out he hasn’t been taking his meds. Which I suspected. I always notice the difference when he does. Things are so much better when he does take them. But how do you convince someone to take them? I tried to ask him if he prefers it when we don’t argue, and that taking them means we don’t. I don’t know what else to say. I can’t make him. 

Today has been slightly better. We did have a bit of a tiff, but I tried my hardest to not get angry and annoyed with him, and just tried to talk to him calmly. It seemed to have worked a little bit. Though he wasn’t completely happy, he wasn’t having a melt down either. 

He gets very paranoid about my past relationships. I am technically his first girlfriend, so he doesn’t have experience himself. I have quite a lot – makes me sound bad. He is constantly asking why we broke up, and getting worried I will go back to them. 

He came home with me tonight for a few hours after work, and has calmed down a bit. We shall see what tomorrow holds. 

-S x


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  1. Autistic people are so special and so difficult. My teenage grandsons both have it. And they are so precious! Until they meltdown. I feel for you. And for him. Talking to him quietly is the best remedy. And he needs those meds, as you know. Best wishes to you!

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