It’s Friday!

Friday comes fast these days. I guess I’m happy at the moment that I don’t live for waiting for Fridays anymore. It still feels little empty tho. Maybe it’s time to make a girl friend but not sure if I have met someone I want to go for. Maybe I do or not. It’s always a complicated question.

Work went okay. I got the most of layout done and pretty much ready for adding the details in. Just need to test it on other browsers that I might of missing. Still don’t quite understand how flexbox works but I’m understanding more as I use it. Got off around 5:30 PM then skated back to home. Drove to Santa Monica around 7 PM and had a dinner at the shopping mall food court. I wasn’t planing to eat anything but I couldn’t resist on that Mongolian noodle. It was pretty good.

Met up with skating crew at 9 PM and skated for 12 miles. Always fun time skating with people. Especially with Katelyn who has such a positive energy and vibe. Skate ended around 11 PM and got back home around 11:50 PM. Ready for the bed now. I’m gonna try for the sculpt class tomorrow morning at 8 AM.

Goodnight all!

2 thoughts on “It’s Friday!”

  1. I’d love to hear more about your sculpt class. Is that artwork, like with clay? I used to make pottery. But you may be talking about a fitness class. Do you want to share your big dream?

  2. Oh it’s workout class I should’ve of said sculpt fit class. It was intense but fun 🙂

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