Parents are home alone, the kid is visiting her grandparents =)

It came to that, short time, just a week after our vacation, our girl is staying at her grandparents this whole weekend. And I feel it in my heart that it’s really Okay. It’s been a busy week sort of. You know how troublesome it can be when you are staying home, having the kids home and they just crawl the walls till midnight. We’ve been out, taking our trips, doing our stuff playing running and blowing bubbles. But it’s not enough for the kids, they crave more. Our girl became electric when we came home. She have her fourth birthday this coming week. I think something happen to her, someone switched that button, from being three to being four all of a sudden. 

We love her, I love and adore my little sweet girl, she is my world and my everything, and I breathe and live for her every single day, just to see her grow up and be happy, I honestly do. She is a smart little girl, she talks, she debates and argues sometimes, sometimes it’s hard to meet her on her compromises but we try. Other times no means no. 

Yesterday me and my husband left her at his parents, we went visiting his sister, we sat for almost two hours. That first felt strange, the other thing I also noticed right away was when we drove the car, no interruptions in the back seat. Boy that was just an amazing feeling. The silence, us and the silence. We didn’t speak for the next twenty minutes. We went shopping, we bought some dinner for the whole weekend, I bought some flowers to place on the dining table and the coffee table in the living room. They were amazingly beautiful. We came home prepared our dinner and we both had a glass of wine. Then we watch tv our usual series we follow. I said to my husband later that night the time flew away from us. We didn’t go to bed before 2am. But hey it was fantastic!

We woke up the next morning and I prepared breakfast and coffee, I’m a coffee person, boy it was good. Just being two at the table, and there the silence was again, we ate talked shortly just enjoying the breakfast and the coffee, we spoke necessarily to one and another. 

We’re soon off to shop some painting for the indoor basement-walls, and food bags and some milk. 

I can even sit here today and update my journal without any interruptions. It’s lovely to be parents home alone now and then.

I know at the end of the weekend when a new week is about to start and we’re ready to start Monday, I know deep inside it’ll be good to have our baby girl home, and to get back to that speedy track and quick responses and being a mum again. I will of course never stop being a mum even when my girl is out staying away from home some of the weekends during a year. But this helps me to stay sane, pick up some energy, relax and be a happy individual as I deserve to be. I love these moments when I just can have time for my self, to think and read, and be a couple with my husband, take care of him, and him with me. I appreciate the conversations the most, we can talk without interruptions. 

So thank you life for giving me these important days in my life =) I also thank the grandparents for being there for our little girl. ღღღღღღღ


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  1. You and your husband do need that time alone. I love having my grandchildren stay overnight with me. It gives me time to play and laugh with them. It gives my son and his wife free time. Sometimes all they want to do with their free time is catch up on their sleep. The kids benefit also by having that break away from their parents. Enjoy that special time you have when she is visiting with family.

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