I’m currently on facetime so I thought; what better time to write? So yea, I’m just sitting here on facetime while writing. The girl I’m facetiming is drawing so it kind of works out because we are doing our own thing.

So I’ve been on the site a lot lately just reading. I haven’t really posted anything just because I’m not really sure what to post. I know the most common answer is to just go back to the daily writing and trust me; I will be doing that but just not right now. I’m starting the daily blogs on the first day of school.  I haven’t really been up to anything because it’s summer and I don’t have a car. If it were school time I could get someone to take me but it’s a little bit harder to do that now. In eleven days I will be going on another vacation but this time it’s for my mom’s and my birthday. The choices are currently the mountains or the beach and I personally would like to go to the beach because I’ve been in the mountains for over a month this summer so it would be nice to visit somewhere else. I haven’t been to the beach in years and that sucks because the beach is my favorite place on earth. I don’t really know why we have been going to the mountains so much but we have. I think next year we will be going to the beach for a longer trip. It is going to be harder to plan a trip next summer just because of the fact that I will be on the mission’s trip for a month and a half and that takes up a massive chunk of my summer.  So I don’t really know how all that is going to work out but I’m sure we will figure it out.

For the long term readers of my page, yall know that I quit my job a while back and granted I’m only 16 so jobs don’t just come freely. I regret quitting so bad. I realize that even though I hated it with so much passion I still worked a crap ton of hours and made really good money. I need that money now to pay for things in all honesty. I’m kind of in the need for a job just because of the mission’s trip and other things. At least now I know that the next job that I get I won’t be quitting because I know the value of a job.

Well, that is about all for today. I will keep yall updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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