Small update

Love this site but don’t write much myself- not in past 8 months!! Combination of laziness and time! Anyway having a lazy start to day, myself and Mya in bed- she is watching peppa pig and I’m browsing journals, great start😀 Planning on going to the designer outlet shopping centre today.. Mya needs some Autumn /winter clothes and they have a great baby gap shop there where it’s really cheap , I would love a pair of cosy boots to do me for autumn winter but I’m not desperately needing anything . Looking forward to a nice family day out and we can go for lunch somewhere too. Hope anyone reading this has a fabulous Saturday! X

2 thoughts on “Small update”

  1. I’m reading it and having a wonderful Saturday — slept until noon!!! Well, awake off and on from 2:00 a.m. —-but I like those quiet hours when the house is so still. Glad your journaling again! Welcome back!

  2. Thank you so much for reading! Really glad to be back journaling it’s a habit I hope to keep up, Iv journaled (online and paper ) on and off for most of my life but I especially like online just to interact! Glad you are having a lovely day and got a nice lie in relaxed weekends!

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