WTF?? Fridays

Now i know its technically Saturday but i planned on starting a WTF Fridays where i share a different story from my life. Could be about myself, family, or even friends, and since i haven’t been to sleep yet its still friday (to me) and its time to get this shit started. This first story im gonna tell you about happened before my son was born. So i lived with my gay friend, his parents and his brother. One typical night him, our other friend and i were getting drunk. We ran out of beer, liquor AND pills sooo we decided to break into his parents house (since they were gone) and steal us some beer and find their stash of pills. Now much much older and much wiser and definitely dont approve of the drugs, under age drinking, or any of the dumb shit i did! I think back and cant belive i was that careless….basically i was outta hand. So my gay friend and i decide what the best way to get in would be. We plan on going in through a window on the screened in porch. We were gonna make it quick and be as quiet as we could to not draw any attention to us. The plan sounded good…only one problem..We told our other friend to be look out and dont do anything stupid. We proceed on to the porch to hopefully be able to continue our night when he was in the middle of shoving me through the window when all of a sudden we hear a loud CRASH!! He and i looked at each other and ran outside. Our other friend was running towards us. I immediately said what did you do?! She said i didnt mean to. I looked and saw a dude walking around in the street. I said what the fuck? She said i was standing there and i saw this bike coming so i decided to flash him and he wrecked out. We were all panicking. Here we are under age drunk and high on pills breaking into his parents house and she causes an accident right outside the house!! I told her to go make sure he was ok. She said i cant. So i walked over and said excuse me…are you ok? He said yeah im fine, Just fucked my bike up. I said what happened? Already knowing. he said im not sure just kind of lost control. It took everything in me not to laught at him for lying. He said damn i have to call my dad. Hes gonna be so pissed at me. This is the 3rd time ive wrecked my bike in 2 months. YIKES talk about bad luck!!  About 20 mins later his dad showed up with a trailer and was calling him all kinds of names. All the neighbors were in their yards watching everything go down. My friends parents showed up before we could try again to break in. Although we weren’t able to get more alcohol or pills, that night will forever go down in history as one of the most memorable 😂😂😂😂 moral of the story dont do drugs kids, and keep those titties covered! 😉

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  1. This post just cracked me up big time!! Loved it! So good to look back at the crazier, younger selfs lol

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