Alone and Desperate

My personal life has a meaning. The meaning of being alone and desperate. I don’t want to be alone all my life. And what I’m desperate for is that I want my family back. We were very close with each other. Going to places, having fun…you know, what families do together. Ever since I became a single mom, my family has been ignoring me. That’s why I feel so alone and empty inside. I can’t make up my mind if I love my family or hate them. I should but I can’t. Cause I’m not that kind of person to do that. Cause that would be mean and I’m a very nice and sweet person to care and love. But for real; I hate when my family doesn’t keep on touch with me anymore.

3 thoughts on “Alone and Desperate”

  1. That is a great loss. Of course it grieves you. Keep reaching out to them. They’re feeling the loss, too. Just go over there and hug them, talk to them. I am sure in my heart that they miss you terribly, and have love to give your baby. Don’t let up. Keep loving them, no matter what. Keep your heart full of love, it will overflow to your baby and others. Don’t live in the dark, dear girl. I know you hurt and your heart aches, but make a choice to love. And love more and more. God bless you.

  2. Exactly what SavedByGrace said. I felt that feeling of loneliness. I loved someone with all my heart and it was hard to let go. I still haven’t completely let go but I handle it one day at a time and I tell myself it’s not our time. And then I thank god that at least he’s still around and loves our child so much! That’s all I could ever ask for now. But I’m also the type that likes to be alone but with my family if you get me. Lol. That’s all I needed. But now I have just my little love and that’s more than enough for me!(: I hope you can reach out to your family with all your love and they return it back! Sending positive vibes!!!!(:

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