August-13-2016🔁Confidence and tears

so today as i was arranging my stuff in my room,i see in the corner of my eye a insect. I yelp out of surprise and see it scurry to a bag im unpacking. I go over and tell my dad and he says to not worry about it and to go back to unpacking. I bother him about it until he gets up to go kill it. If i didnt bother my lazy dad, i most likely wouldve gotten bit by the wolf spider. I went over to my dad’s friends house and chilled there for a bit. When we got home my arm started hurting, the usual lol. Nothing new happened today. Today was one of those weak days i guess :/ i went to the bathroom to change into my pjs and see these red, idek, stretchmarks? On my hip. I never noticed them. I started looking at myself in the mirror and started shaming myself. How i have these ugly marks on my body with no figure to show why. These fat rolls on the side of my upper body. These fat ugly thighs, this flat shape.i could name many more things but i dont wanna drag this entry. I hate it. I started crying and my dad started bugging about this dumb app. Luckily i didnt go to far as to start sobbing or he wouldve bothered me even more. I wanted to talk to my SO, maybe he’d make me feel better, but like usual, its night so ofcourse hes not gonna reply. Its okay though, im used to no one having time for me.

Don’t cry,


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  1. Does your image really bother you? I have little confidence in my image. I point out my flaws and I have stretch marks that I’ve had for three years. (Pregnancy) I’m very petite. Scrawny but with these tiger stripes on my thighs. And I still wear short shorts!!! It’s triple digit heat where I live so I don’t care if they stare! I’m trying to stay as cool and comfortable as I can. I wish one day someone will come up to me and suggest that I wear something different!!! Cause then They’ll hear a few lovely words out of my mouth lol! And then I’ll suggest that they shouldn’t look at my ass and if it really bothers them they can pay to get then laser removed lol! Cause I’ve tried all I could and I’m quite content with how I look even with a broken nose, crooked teeth, pigeon toed walk, and stretch marks!(:

    If you ever need a stranger to vent ‘Ll gladly lend you my ears(:

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