Day 169 – Back to school shopping

Saturday, August 13th 2016

So Kohai, my mom, my grandmother and I went to do some shopping, specifically for school. My mom wanted me to get colour, but the only things that looked good on me were black. So I got a black shirt, a black hoodie (that Kohai also got, so twins), black leggings and did I get something else? I don’t remember. I think that might be it.

Anyway, we had fun and I got to eat sushi which was amazing, since I rarely eat it, and yeah. Helped out on the server, played Dead by Daylight… That’s it.

Oh, also for those who know him, Boyinaband is back on YouTube. I’m glad everything’s going better with him. I subscribed to him around the time he blacked out from YouTube, but it was worth staying subscribed. And I’m interested in the site he’s using to track his productivity. I could use that for school. I try to get my hands on almost any method of avoiding procrastination.

That’s all for today.

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