I remember now…

You are not the messiah of everything. You may be loved but you are not everyone’s favorite person. Your pain and my pain are different. I’m glad those things worked for you and work for you. There is no way in hell your pain was a 10+ working for 10 hour days every single day. You are not my best friend. You do things to say “look at me, look at what I did for her”. You offer up my services to people and then expect me to not want to get paid for things that physically hurt me to do. You didn’t even ask me if I would do it, just told people I would. I’ve covered a job for you and made myself absolutely sick doing so. You embarrass me in public with your holier than thou temper tantrums that include lies about what who how and why. I love you, but right now I’m not fond of you. You think you are better than me. Guess what you got a fucking pain injection that is allowing you to do the things you are doing. You didn’t persevere through the pain and miraculously get better through that. You complain about the most asinine things and I rarely complain about the amount of pain I’m actually in. I don’t want you or anyone else feeling sorry for me. You have absolutely no idea just how much I do push through the pain and the nausea. NO FUCKING IDEA!!! Why? Because I don’t vocally complain about it like you do. I don’t let everyone know just how bad off I am.

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