Lazy Saturday

Probably the laziest Saturday I ever had in LA. I basically didn’t do anything but being lazy at home all day. It was pretty productive in the morning tho. I got up around 7 AM and went sculpt fit class down the street. It was pretty intense than I was expecting but fun and good work out. I sweated too much had to take a shower when I got back. Went to Beverly tofu place for brunch myself and met up with Dosung for little bit for a cigarette. Just for a record, it happened again that I forgot my password on my debit card for the moment at the restaurant I visited to get some dumplings. First time, it was a password on my lock at the gym and this time on my debit card. I was able to remember it back little after but at that moment, my brain just went blank page. WTF… this gets me worried little bit.

Back home around 1 PM and took a nap cause I work up too early for the weekend and workout class was too intense. Work back up around 2, stopped by at Trader joe’s for watermelon. Some reason I was craving it then spent rest of day watching movies. Just went out one more time to Ralph to get fried chicken cause I wanted to eat that lol. It was very lazy and relaxed day that actually makes me feel little guilty that I didn’t spend time learning something new or making friends but it’s good to have a day like this once in a while.

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