Meditiation 1

I am going to start putting meditations experienced in this thing for lack of buying another notebook. 

I was instructed to go back to Fairy Land to ask a few things. I was to meet my contact as last time, I attempted and didn’t go anywhere. The one that tried to get me last time I didn’t believe was him, so I sat on the waters edge and waited for him to show up. I fell asleep before I could go anywhere. I had a weird dream, but I’ll talk about that later. 

To continue, I met up with him this time, but my mind continues to present me with images that are cartoonish and not even looking like real people. I hate it when it does that kind of thing. Anyways, I met up with him and he takes me back to the pink leaved trees in a grove and suddenly there’s a bright light that opens at the opposite end, and consequently a door. We go through this door into what I thought was an ice tunnel. It was lit up mutely in a light blue light, but still a little dark inside. Every step we took kept lighting up the tunnel. When I touched the walls, a chill went through me as the walls lit up and lines of bright blue light started circling the walls. He laughs and throughout this entire time, he’s holding my hand. And when I touch these walls, he follows along and then there’s this intense electricity that flows out. And then these marking appear on my chest as he puts his hand directly beneathe my throat and I feel something in me light up. These markings that appeared then flow through my blood and into my forehead where I see that more markings have appeared on my forehead. They are all swirling lines too, almost like a circlet on my head. We’re still in this tunnel that now I realize is not made of ice but crystal. I delicately pluck a pink, crystalline fern, but he quickly takes it from me and puts it back. I apologize, but he doesn’t seem upset. We continue walking to the end of the tunnel (we were following some train tracks) and come out on the otherside where there is a beautiful panorama of lush mountains and waterfalls. We stop to take a look and start talking about things. But then he puts a finger up to his temple and says, remember. 

I am then flashed back to some time perhaps medieval Europe or Renaissance. Hard to tell as there is no definitive marker. But I am a very young knight, clad in armor and kneeling before someone in a seat in a tent. It’s at night as there is light on the inside of this red tent, but there is a strong wind outside flapping the sides of the tent. There is no dialogue between these two but different kinds of emotions. I clearly am suspicious/wary of this person in the tent. Very suspicious and I don’t seem to care for this royal person much. But I know I have to follow him. I am excused, where I exit the tent. I am preoccupied, worried about something. There is snow on the ground with flurries in the gusts. I walk through the snow and back to my own tent, white with regular canvas. There is food waiting above a fire inside this huge tent. It’s just mine as I see no other bed in here for anyone else. I go to get some food out of this dutch oven type thing and I sit and eat. I am clearly thinking long and hard about something but I’m not sure what. 

Suddenly I am flashed back to where I was, and the markings on my body are glowing again. The beautiful scenery is back and I look at him and wonder what that was. Then we get into another boat that’s off of these railway tracks and we’re on what seems like a river. We’re floating along and then I decide to dive in. I swirl and whirl in the water, watching my billowing sleeves flow with the water. I don’t need to come up for air because I don’t need to breathe right then. I feel all my circuits light up and flow with these crystalline waters. I shiver with the power flowing through me. I get lost in these waters, but then feel that we need to go. So I surface and get back on this giant leaf boat where we get back to the other boat. We are talking about trusting emotions and surrenduring the bad judgments I’ve had, but I save this for another time. I get off this boat and into the other where I head back to shore and wake up. 

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