Sunday, 8/14/16, 3:47pm, home in my room

Okay so I’ve got to get back to doing this every night.  This practice only works if I do it every day.  Too much gets lost the more infrequently I do it.


Friday morning I taught yoga at NT. Nancy was the only student but I was glad because I really needed some myself so it was less of class and more of a “let’s practice together.” Then I went to immigration court and did three decisions for Fujimoto.  He made me do them simul.  Which was fine, I need the practice and I need to quit being lazy and do it I was just surprised that he asked me to after all this time of not doing it that way. 

I went to the court house to the small claims desk to get a date for a pre-trial for my case against Gabe’s dad. Then I met up with Kelly for lunch at Roja and then we walked for a bit. I went home and got Gabe and we went to the TAC building and got everything sqaured away. He is now registered at Central and there isn’t much his dad can do about it before school starts.

Then I went to HPER and meditated. Kelly came and met me and we did the Jessie’s girl workout.  It was so great to have a friend there. Then I left and met Kate at the Pella and we saw Brad’s exhibit. It was pretty cool. Saw Amy and Randall there.

Then Kate and I headed down to the Gifford Park block party and hung out with Chelsea and Tim for minute, said hi to Anna and then we left.  Saw Rebecca and Abram.  We went to Vinton to go to a show at Project Project, and just after we parked we ran into Karen and Larry.  They were just heading in to Capitol Bindery where the owner had invited them over for a shot of aged Patron.  They invited us to join them.  We got a quick tour of the place, which was fascinating and messy and had that delicious aroma of dusty old books.  We all did a shot of tequila and then went to art show.  There wasn’t much to see.  Then we all went down to La Buvette and joined up with Karen and Larry’s friend Alzuri and his wife and there daughter Pepper.  I can’t remember his wife’s name.  We had a blast and the  food was so amazing. Everything that everyone ordered was so good that we just ate off each other’s plates all night.  Then Kate and I left and drove to my house to pee and grab a blanket. We drove over to Hitchcock to watch the meteor shower but there were so many cars lined up outside the gate trying to get in that we called it quits and just went home for the night.

Yesterday (Saturday), I went to Elmwood for a run.  Then I went and taught hammock at NT.  Then I went to HPER for ab day.  Then I met up with Anna & Maranda at Hutch and we went to HutchFest.  There was an empty booth behind Chelsea and Tim’s booth so we just hung out on the grass talking. Jennifer Davis was there with us too.  I had a great time hanging and chatting with her.  Brent and Rebecca were there. Susi and Josh were there.  I left around 4:30 and went home to shower, saw Adil and Sarah on my way out of Midtown. JFlow, Chelsea and Mackenzie came over around 9 and we all got ready for House of Loom’s White Party together.  It was so much fun.  Great group of girls. We walked down to Loom.  It was kinda dead but we danced for a little bit and played with all the balloons. Saw Caroline and Mark and Guy W.  Alecia and Satid were there too.  I kinda could stand the loud music after a bit so I went home and went to bed.

Today I got up and went to walk around the Aksarben farmers market for a bit. Didn’t see one single person I knew. Miraculous. On the way there I saw Michelle M and Jonathan walking in Hanscom Park so I heckled them from the car. I stopped by NT for a few things and then went over and hung with Elisabeth for a little while. After that I went o Lauritzen to check out the so called Sweet Corn Festival.  It was lame but I had a lovely walk around the gardens and remembered how much I love it there and need to renew my membership. 


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