Sunday ramblings

Grabbing quick chance to write while Mya napping.. Have been at the local gala day and if she wakes up in time we might go back.. She won a slingshot thing and I won a little bottle of kiwi and lime cider! And I also got given a wee bag to make a loaf of bread that they were giving to every family in the area.. Even though where I live isn’t the best area and there is a lot of disadvantaged families here I love that our community does a lot.

 The Jehovah’s Witness ladies came back yesterday when we were out and left me a note just to say sorry they had missed me and thanks for listening last week – they came last Saturday and were both really sweet I took a copy of their magazine . I really liked a lot of the messages in it but I must admit I do have issues with some others , I’d really like to talk to them again to discuss. Though I’m a bit scared- I mentioned to my mum that they had visited and I’d spoken to them and she says it’s basically a weird cult and they will not leave me alone now! And when I told her they had left a note yesterday she was like ‘See, I told you!!’ Anyway… They seemed like really nice people.

 It’s pretty chilly today… I can’t wait for Autumn to come it’s my favourite time of year, I love everything about it. The smell of bonfires, cosy nights, the colours of the leaves, wearing boots and jumper dresses again, pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks!! Just the best. 


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  1. The JW’s are very nice people. But their Bible is different from ours in small but very significant ways. When our young friend became a Christian, his family shunned him. They would not allow him in their house anymore. Still won’t—years later. Very sad. I think your parents are right. Be polite to them, but let them know you are not interested. God bless you.

  2. Thank you for your comment savedbygrace , I appreciate an honest opinion as I have found it so difficult to find honest unbiased opinions about the JWs online! I think at this time in my life I feel I need to do something to bring myself closer to God but this does not sound like the way to go, I think as they were so lovely and down to earth i felt so comfortable with them! But I cannot make myself agree and believe with things i just don’t feel. Thank you again x

  3. When I was first married to my husband he tried to join the JW. He would let them into our home and pray with them. I would either leave the house or remain in my bedroom. Eventually my husband found out that the JW don’t celebrate Christmas, or other holidays and he realized that he could not follow their example.
    If you are looking for a church to go to you might just need to visit a few and see if you feel comfortable with what they are teaching.

  4. Thank you grannie3 for the advice I think you are right about visiting different churches ..I am christened Catholic and from a catholic family but Iv not yet found a Catholic Church I enjoyed being at. I do pray regularly and included is that I find somewhere I am comfortable! Yes the JW not celebrating Christmas and birthdays really put me off also, I cannot imagine not having Christmas and therefore denying Mya all the years of magical Christmases like I had growing up. Thanks again for commenting x

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