You never know how people really are,  I found this out as a kid,  I used to be so ignorant. I always thought people thought like me,  being nice with one another not doing bad stuff just good,  I was little so I didn’t know anything,  but I I figured it out with my own family. Some people are complete shit, I can’t even describe how bad they are, I don’t want to go on complete detail because priavcy. I used to trust people, again, I thought they would keep their word like would, but no.  Alot of stuff happend it me growing up,  that’s why I had to mature faster than most kids. 11 year old kids are focusing on games and watching TV.  When I was 11 I was already working bringing food to the table, I couldn’t enjoy the stuff normal kids did because I had to work.  And that sucked.  But that made me who I am,  I’m about to be 17 and Im hardley free on Saturdaya because I work,  yea I get paid so I buy all the stuff I want which is cool, but it stopped me From enjoying so many things.  If I had to describe myself I’d say I’m a serious person.  I don’t like bullshit and I don’t like people acting stupid.  I only really care about two things, one is music and the other is my girlfriend.  At school today  talk to alot of people,but I only trust a handful of people.trust is a big thing to me,  because if you trust someone and they fail,  then that person will never be the same to you. I’m nice to everyone but honestly being nice sucks,  you just get hurt but you don’t want to do anything back because you don’t want to hurt them,  sometimes I wished I was a bit meaner, a bit colder,  that I would feel less, because I’ve been treated like shut before because how nice I was.  sometimes I just think I should start being meaner idk.I have only one good friend. I’ve known him since elementary and weve done alot of stuff together, he knows alot about my life and I know about him. You can say were best friends lol.  To people I always try to be nice and polite,  and I only act like myself when in with my friends. School is gona start soon and to be honest I don’t know what to expect, maybe be usual or may be different.  Lately I’ve been slacking off of life. I kept doing bad stuff, I kept falling asleep on my girlfriend at night, I’d tried to stay up but since I’ve been working my body is tired. But I should have Atleast stayed up a couple more minutes. She is very special to me in a way no one understands maybe not even her. I just want to make her happy, do any I can to make her smile. Once school starts I will see her alot more so that’s great cx. She has this thing we’re everything I like she hates,  it gets me kinda sad because sometimes I want to talk to her about them but she doesnt care or makes fun of it so I just keep them to myself. Maybe I’ll start writing down the stuff I like that want to talk about on a physical journal or something lol. That’s how she is so cx … Today is our 8 month anniversary!!I’m really happy 🙂

I haven’t written in a while and this entry probably doesn’t make any sense but I just have thoughts in my mind. 

That’s it good night 

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