mason jars for cups?!

I don’t know where or how to begin.  Something keeps drawing me to a journal but every time I get around to writing things down I start to become afraid.  I think about all of the people that could possibly find it and use it to hurt me.  


Let me be clear, there is nobody that actually gives a shit about finding a journal of mine and like destroying my life or anything.  It’s just something stupid that I’m paranoid about.  I miss tangible notebooks but my 3 year old claims everything and writes in it.. or I get nervous my husband will find it, read it, and be like “Who the fuck did I marry?”  Again.  Silly thoughts.  

That was a good warm up.  Maybe there will be a next time.

One thought on “mason jars for cups?!”

  1. I felt the same when I started journaling on here. I ended up changing my username twice and deleting posts that I’d written but then the more i read other posts it inspired me to be open and honest. Don’t be afraid, we are all in the same boat 🙂 x

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