i never wrote my diary in my entire life

           i dont even know why i am doing this stupid thing

am i alone am i hurt am i idiot

  firstly this is sweety my precious 

 i dont want to hide anything from u

i want to have frank conversations with u

be my friend when i am in need 

firstly i will tell about me precious 

i am mean selfish i never loved anyone more than me 

i love travelling i love adventures i love talking with new people

i will forget that new people anyway

i am 22 yrs now still i dont know what to do in my life but i enjoyed every momentin it

people say i am lucky ofcourse i am i have best family in the world 

pampered spoiled by family

i have my worst brother i cant live a day without fighting with him 

it is love hate relation ofcourse 

i am not good with my studies sorryy i am not gud with anything 

i like water i like swimming  i like to see my dad smile bcoz of me

i completed my mba jobless ofcourse

most interesting character in my life my boyfriend 

5yr relationship   he is very good human he loves me alot but i dont even know i love him or not

we are never had any physical relation still he cares 

really he is too good i am sure i like him i never know i like him or not

he is too caring and loving but i dont know it still dont touch my heart 

i need someone  who touch my heart but not body

i need love where i can share my stupid things who want me like how i am 

is it even possible

even my idiot (bf) dont trust me  he knew me since my childhood

i cant even think of anyone can trust me and love me 

actually i want to breakup with him but i dont know i cant think of a day without him

he never trust me he tries to change me

i am freedom living i cant do it i cant isolate myself from world that is who i am

i am typical saggitarian  i am not someone who waits for husband in home and who only alive for his cooking or sexual purposes

i already told u precious i only love me 

thats enough for today 

i am not even sure i will write tmrw diary or not 

lets hope i will miss my preciousss……………………….


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