My granddaughter is 3 years old.  I love her dearly. She has a way of making me laugh.

About a month ago she and her brother were staying overnight with me.  I tell them they need to say their prayers at bedtime. That night she said in her prayer, “God help daddy fix the toilet.”

After she fell asleep I ran to the phone and called my son and said, “Is something wrong with your toilet?”  He said that his daughter had put a thrown baby wipes in the toilet and plugged it up. He had to use the snake in order to get the toilet to flush. 

I burst out laughing and then I told him that his daughter had prayed to God to help daddy fix the toilet.  He started laughing too. 

Last Saturday both kids spent the night again. This time in her prayer she said, “God, Mommy and daddy are so tired, they need a nap. Help them get a nap. God make sure no one is roughhousing.  God help mommy and daddy to stay calm” 

After they feel asleep I sent my son a text message telling him about her prayer. He sent back a message letting me know that her prayer made him start laughing.

I can’t wait for the next time she stays over. I am anxious to see what the next prayer will be.

2 thoughts on “THE PRAYERS OF A CHILD”

  1. That is so sweet, children really do say the funniest things! Your granddaughter sounds like a sweetheart. My daughter is almost two and makes me laugh every day with the funny things she says they really are a joy!

  2. adorable… and it keeps you informed on whats going on in their

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