Who in your life would you take to the battlefield with you?

Who in your life would you take to the battlefield with?

This is an interesting question to think about, I had a hard time coming up with just one person because honestly I can say that I am really fortunate to have several people who would go to battle for me. Then the answer came to me…I would take my family, and I’m not just talking about my parents and my brother (they are included in this, but it goes beyond them), I mean my family, aunts, uncles, cousins. I have talked about my friends a few times in this journal and they are amazing and I love them but this time I am going with family. This may not be the proper response to this question but I will explain my thought process.

The past year of my life has been probably the worst I have ever been through…I went through an extremely nasty divorce, lost my home, my memere passed away, my dog was put down, my uncle just recently passed away. Through all this I have come to realize something…My family is incredible. My family rallied behind me when I needed it with the divorce, I had every aunt or uncle offer me a place to stay, offer me help in any way I needed. My younger brother offered to let me move in with him without hesitation. My parents were getting ready to sell their house to downsized but kept it just so I could move back into the in law apartment and have space to myself. When it came to move out day I had help when needed, I was never without support throughout the process. That alone was incredible but then something else happened.

When my memere passed away, everything stopped. Every one dropped everything, went to my pepere’s house. We basically spent 2 days straight with each other, doing anything and everything needed for the services. My cousin D went home and got the pot of meatballs and sausage she made for her own family and brought it over, another person went and got wine, dessert etc. another ordered flowers. If a cell phone rang, whoever was closest picked it up to spread the word about services. It was like a well oiled machine of 20 people just doing what needed to be done. No one in that room was selfish or thinking of anything except “what would Memere have done”

Then three weeks ago, my uncle unexpectedly passed away. My aunt and he had just had a hot tub and pool installed, they were planning on building a deck that very weekend actually. So fast forward to a week after the services my aunt is looking outside her house at the grass that needs to be cut, the deck that needs to be built, the hedges that need to be trimmed etc. The whole family without question dropped everything, picked a day and we did an overhaul of the yard. The men built the deck, the woman mowed the lawn, stained the hot tub casing, others cooked. I had to take a minute to look around and see that no matter what bullshit is going on to have a family that takes a whole Saturday (on the hottest, most humid day of the year mind you) to help out is an amazing thing to be a part of. Not one person wanted anything in return that day, Not one person bitched about the heat, or how tired, hot, busy we were. We just wanted to help, we wanted to take whatever burden we could off of my aunt for even just a day.

There is always going to be tragedy in life, what matters is if you have people who for lack of a better word are “ride or die.” People who when they can’t find the words to help they will lay down beside you in silence. I can without hesitation know that with my family, I could show up on any one of my cousin’s or aunt’s houses needing anything and the door is always open (as mine is to them). Don’t get me wrong, my family has their issues, we are all opinionated, super nosey and none of us are ever wrong…it’s a deadly combination but at the end of the day there’s love like no other there.

I would not be able to choose just one person to take to battle because I know I would never have to choose. I have a whole army, they may be a bit dysfunctional but there is a bond that can never be broken, and I would gladly stand beside any of them in a battle.

*Family – like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one*

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  1. A beautiful essay, Stephanie. This is very inspiring. You are truly blessed with a large, loving, wonderful family of real people. That is just awesome. I’m so glad for you! And remember—-you are one of those wonderful people yourself!

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