A VERY busy day!

I had a very, very busy day today. My partner and I spent most of the day tidying, cleaning and doing general work around and about the house. It was a really hot day today (well hot for Ireland!) at 26 degrees! We started our busy day just after 11 this morning as we lay in and we have just now finished everything and it’s 10:30 at night! My asthma is a little bit bad as when we were cleaning there was a lot of dust and sometimes if I overdo things my asthma gets bad too. Normal stuff for everyone else tends to set me off. I’m so glad I had a busy day today. I am usually not a well person as I have many health issues but today I felt like a normal person and it’s really given me a boost to my mental state. I like to feel useful and not lazy even though I don’t have a choice.

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