Birthday issues…suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated

Today was my baby girls 2nd birthday and I know that that is a special day for any parent but I have noticed unfortunately my partners side of the family treat our kids very differently from anyone else’s kids. for example if we were to buy a certain toy or outfit for our kids then not even a week later my niece and nephew would either have the exact same one or one above what my kids have. Now I know its probably just me but I honestly cannot understand why they act like that. Now for my daughters birthday my partner Raymond and I bought her a play kitchen with a BBQ and phone, stove fridge and microwave that all made sounds when turned on, which she loved and refused to leave it after we had put it together but just the look that her uncle had given her when she unwrapped it was so wrong it just showed his hostility and jealousy and I can honestly say I wish I hadn’t looked over at everyone to see that kind of attitude towards a 2 year old. I can understand if he wished he had gotten that particular toy for his own kids, but for him to give that look to my kid for no reason I honestly didn’t want him anywhere near my kids after that. Another thing would be that my sister in-law and her husband don’t discipline their kids and I have found that out today when their daughter decided to open 3 of my daughters presents and them not doing anything but saying well they were going to be opened anyways…I’m sorry but they were not for her to open, I don’t let my kids do that to their presents when its their kids birthday and yet they don’t bother when it comes to their kids doing it to mine. I was so upset that my partner had to pull me aside and explain to me that that was how his family had always treated him and I was to expect that from them when it came to my kids being treated the same way. When I heard that I cried in my kids’ bedroom for a good 20 minutes before I collected myself and went back to enjoy the rest of my daughters birthday party with her. Now granted she enjoyed herself immensely and didn’t notice the change in her uncle after she unwrapped her presents and I am forever grateful of that but I am now beginning to wish that I hadn’t noticed it as well, unfortunately I did and now I’m not so sure what to do about it or if I should just leave it alone and let things play out as they may…Any suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated. -Firea 

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