Busy Weekend

It’s been a crazy manic weekend as I had my cousin, her husband and 4 kids visiting from up north. Three of the kids are teenage boys who in all honesty proved quite difficult to keep entertained. The youngest of the bunch, my niece who is eight years old was practically glued to me the entire duration of their visit. Bless her, I think she thought I was her friend and couldn’t get over it when I told her my age loll. After that she started calling me aunty so I think she realised although I’m lots of fun, I’m still an adult.

My cousin sister is sweet. She is quite a lot older than me, somewhere in her 40s so we haven’t really spent much time together over the years. However, I do remember her playing with me and keeping me entertained when I was a kid. I told her it’s funny because it feels like history is repeating itself with her daughter having taken my place and me hers.

The last few days were probably the first time I have spent quite a bit of one on one time with my cousin since I have become an adult. She is a good natured woman with a good heart. She is also very religious and her faith literally leads the way in her life. It is part of everything she does and who she is. Although my faith exists in me it is a raindrop in comparison to the sea of knowledge and strength of faith that she has within her. She spent quite some time talking to me about her faith and it had me mesmerised. I was very honest with her and asked her lots of questions. It really got me thinking the other night about my relationship with god. I felt inspired to write a journal entry but was too exhausted. That’s definitely a topic on my journal list now that I will explore later.

The boys who are 18, 16 and 14 are good kids. Just like most teenagers they spent most of their time in their own worlds! We did have a disaster moment on Saturday where I promised them I would take them to the local swimming pool but when we got there the pool was already full. I felt really bad because I knew it would have been the highlight of their trip. The 16 year old literally threw a strop and started telling his dad that he never wants to come back here. I was quite shocked and disheartened, didn’t know whether to laugh it off or be sympathetic. To be honest, I did feel upset when he said that but had to mentally slap myself, he’s just a kid, stuck in a distant family home, bored stiff with adult talk and wanted to do something fun which ended up not working out.

My niece both drove me crazy and at the same time has won a special place in my heart. She is a major chatter box that asked me a million questions per minute! She was very interested to learn that I just like her was the only girl amongst my three brothers. One particular question she asked that I’m smiling now thinking about was “How did you win when they tried to beat you up?” I know exactly where she was coming from with that one loll. While she was here I done lots of girly things with her that she loved! Curled her hair, painted her nails and she was particularly thrilled when I tattooed her hands with henna.

Overall it was a manic weekend. It probably came at a good time because I was feeling quite down a few days before they arrived. They were a welcome distraction to boost me into action for the rest of this week 🙂


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  1. Sounds like a hectic weekend!! Glad you all had fun and hope you have a good week! I would be interested to read your journal entry about your faith and relationship with God, I myself have been meaning to write an entry about the very same thing as I feel I’m at a bit of a crossroads! Take care x

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