CicLaVia Sunday in LA

Got up around 8:30 AM and got out of my apartment around 9 AM to CicLaVia at Western and Wilshire. My first time to skate to Korea town and it wasn’t that bad at all. The weather was beautiful and skating was a lot of fun! Met up with some skating crew and skated on Wilshire to Downtown LA. It was so much fun skating on the road with all biker and people on longboards or gym shoes! I eventually did entire routes twice and had some drinks in the middle. I got to check out Line Hotel and Garage gallery in Downtown. Such a dope place and nice people! I stayed there till almost 4 PM then I met up with Dosung to have late lunch!

We went to this Korean BBQ place down the street from him and had pork and some soju. Talked about career and life stuffs as usual. Then I took an Uber back to home! shower and nap till midnight which got me a trouble going back to sleep till 2 in the morning.

I had so much fun today! Hope the city does this every week!

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