Laura was the mayor. It was time for the first city council meeting of the year.  Everyone in town was going to attend. Laura was going to make a big speech. I was helping prepare the outdoor stage area. I cut down a small tree that was there. 
Laura had an old fashioned wooden clock on the stage. In her speech she talked about how I had repaired the clock for her and now it was a symbol of our town. I felt proud and honored that she was talking about me like that. 
The dream changed and I was in high school again. I was my own age but everyone thought I was a teenager. Laura was the school principal. She also knew we weren’t who we appeared to be. We were trying to keep our true identities secret because we were afraid people would think we were insane and we would get committed.
I wanted to talk to Laura but couldn’t figure out how. High school students don’t normally drop by the principal’s office for a chat. I stood in the hallway outside her door and tried to think of a plan. It was the last day of the school year and I was desperate. I didn’t know how long it would be before I had another chance to see her. 
The dismissal bell rang. Laura came out of her office. There was another student with her, so we couldn’t discuss our problem. We all walked out of the school together. The girl with us was talking about a trip she was going to take that summer. It sounded great but she kept finding little things to complain about. I was thinking about how I’d be spending my summer trapped in an alternate reality. I started yelling at the girl to stop whining and be grateful that she didn’t have any serious problems. 
Laura could see that I was about to lose it. She took my hand and led me away. I wanted to keep holding her hand because her touch was so comforting. She reminded me that would not look appropriate in this world and gently took her hand away. I stood there and cried. Laura promised me that we would find a way home and told me over and over not to give up. I was still angry and frightened but I found her confidence reassuring.

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