Monday, 8/15/16, 11:25pm, home in bed

Yesterday after I journaled, I went to hper and worked out. I didn’t get all the way through my workout before they closed.  I stopped by mom and dad’s for a little bit to kill some time. Mom was having a meeting with Billy and Lindsay so I joined them for a bit. They are so funny. I was very entertained. I left at 6:30 to go do my volunteer shift at Film streams. That was entertaining as well. I saw Chelsea’s grandma, Jonathan W. was there dropping off a poster, he came and said hi. I watched a little bit of one of the movies called Indignation. Meh. I got done at 9:30 and went for a nice walk around the old market. I wanted to walk longer but I had to pee. I listened to a Christian science monitor podcast. It was interesting but the main chic over enunciated so much that it annoyed the fuck outta me.

This morning I got up and went straight to the Uno library to start my finals. I got two done and then went to HPER to meditate. I am up to fifteen minutes. It was a good sit today.

Then I had a deposition in South Omaha on 24th street. The deponent was an interesting guy. He was easy to interpret for which was nice because I forgot my notepad.  After that I stopped home so Gabe could use my phone. From there I drove back to UNO. I ran for twenty minutes and then met up with my circus girlfriends in the park. Sara set up her sixteen foot aerial rig and we took turns on the hammock. It was so fun. Then I went back up to hper to finish my workout. It was good. Except for the one legged dead lifts. Fuck you one legged dead lifts! I hate you!

I came home, made dinner, played Catan online, and listen to the latest episode of Undisclosed. Got a text from Chelsea that she and Mekenzie were down on the patio at upstream. I ran down and joined them. Then we went to Ted and Wally’s where they had ice cream and I didn’t. Yay me! I’m eight days no sugar! Woot!

Came home, took my last final and now I’m finna read some Sex at Dawn before sleepy time.


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