Pick Up Line of the Day #1

I’m walking home and I’m listening to my music in my own world.

I see a guy motioning and talking to me out of the corner of my eye.

I kinda gave him a “what the hell?” look.

He said, “Sorry, I just want to know the time.” and continued walking.

I said it was okay and told him the time.

I’m about to go back into my own world.

Guy: “Are you Brazilian?”


Me: “No.”

I’m looking at him, he looks Indian. But who really knows now days. He could very well be Brazilian.

Guy: “Are you in high school?”

Me: “Ha no.”

Guy: “I’m sorry. Are you 18, 21?”

Me: “No I’m 26.”

Guy: “Oh I’m sorry I thought you were in high school, I’m 27, sorry.”

He walks off.

I slow down.

He looks back at me as he crosses the street. Then he continues to walk straight.

I take a right down the street he crossed to get away.


I’m thinking about this now.

What does the time have to do with the preceding conversation?

I couldn’t care less at the time because in my mind it was just talk and I was already in my own world. Also, we were near the city high school. And he kept trying  to walk ahead like he was leaving. So I figured he didn’t want to bother me.

But honestly, as soon as a pick up line is thrown down I am done. That goes for asking about my ethnic background too.

And what if I was in high school? Would you have still been 27 or would you have been 17?


If you’re going to play a game and win, you need to know your opponent.

But I guess when you’ve had guys throwing pick up lines at you and surrounding females your whole life, they eventually just all blur together.

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