2nd Day Back At Shool

So today was the second day at school Junior year.  I’m kind of excited; I have some pretty interesting classes.  The most interesting one so far would have to be Graphic Design/Silk Screening.  And Jesus they have about 30 of these Macs that run near three grand.  I don’t even want to get near it because my broke ass wouldn’t be able to pay if I mess something up.  Which I always seem to do.  Another interesting class would be Sociology/Psych.  Im excited because I like learning about people even though I don’t necessarily like people.   But mainly because my teachers got an Irish accent.  And top that off he’s hilarious.  The rest of the classes are pretty much the core classes but I’m glad I don’t have to take a sixth.  I thought I would because I need to make up credits with this “class” specifically for that.  Though, they don’t consider it a class which means I technically only have four classes.  So initially I wanted to avoided fixing it but ended up speaking to my academic advisor anyway.  She told me she doesnt want me to take another class and I didn’t hesitate to accept.  As of right now I can’t see much that’s going wrong. Even after school, I got out at 2:45 and had an appointment at a substance abuse program about a 5-10 minute drive away.  I got there a little late because my ride was a 10 minute walk away.  Thankfully they still accepted me.  The reason I have to go there is because of an incident that happened at the school I was going to before.  I was caught, stupidly smoking weed in a bathroom at school.  And it was during school hours. They decided to switch me out of that school and into another in the district which had been the one I attended freshman year.  They told me I had committed a felony because I also invited a few friends.  Smart, I know.  The school then referenced me to a program that would dismiss the case and clear the felony of my record.  Well they evaluated me and I guess I’ll be doing phases one and two out of three in the program as the requirement.  I don’t think much else happened today other than what I’ve said.  I just wish I spoke to Her more.  It seemed like we exchanged maybe 5 sentences at the most. But it was just one of those days.

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