Gotta love my son lol

we got a football player in the making lol …. Alixander is like 2 oz short of 25 lbs — 9 months old .. he is in the top 97% for his age — but he’s perfect for his size … baby food is not cutting it anymore .. so dr said go ahead with the food … so we went out to eat and that lil booger ate some mac n cheese, bread roll, some fries, some baked potato, some pork sliders, a bottle and some nutrigrain bar, a lil fish all at one sitting … we laughed so hard, he was about falling asleep still trying to eat! ha ha ha then we stood him up and his lil belly was no longer lil i say he looked like 9 months preggy and it was so hard .. i pushed his tummy and he starts laughing like the pillsbury dough boy!!! ha ha ha ha — had to buy new clothes too, lil booger is now 24 mon in clothes!! and he chowed down on his raviolis tonight for dinner too! ha ha he ate more than his sister!! LOL LOL

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