Mugged by donkeys

For affection, that is!

Think I mentioned in a previous entry that I volunteer at a horse & donkey sanctuary every Wednesday morning. I find it really rewarding to go up and work for a few hours. It’s hard, physical work, but seeing the animals makes it all better.

Trundled up there this morning, and started off by poo-picking three fields. On my own, which I didn’t actually mind too much. Means that I can take my time and do a good job. That took around an hour and a half. Then had to do the field shelters.

First two I did weren’t too bad. A few donkeys did get in the way/tip my wheelbarrow over/investigate my equipment, but they wandered off after a few minutes, and was able to get the job done in peace. Headed off to the next feld where the other two shelters were.

As soon as I got into the other field, Florence (little white donkey) wandered up to say hello. She then followed me down to the shelters, where I got set upon by Pixie (kept tipping my wheelbarrow over), Willow (her mother, Tammy, sadly died on Monday) and Conker (I think…not sure). Pixie, Willow and Conker were determined to have all the attention to themselves, and I spent a good twenty minutes sandwiched between the three of them. Did notice that Willow seemed to be a little more clingy than she normally is. Got leant on, which she doesn’t usually do. Pixie also leant on me.

Eventually, they all wandered off, and I thought I could get on in peace. Not so! Paphos and Sky took over. These two are funny boys. Give them attention, and they’ll follow you all over the place. Paphos tends to be more of an attention hog than Sky.

Managed to clean both shelters eventually, but it took me about an hour. Then tidied the equipment away and trudged on home.

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