Paying for my disobedience

Since yesterday Master has been punishing me by making me wear my plug, clamps, and rope. Thankfully I only had to wear the clamps for an hour today and wont have to wear them anymore throughout my punishment. I do however have to switch off and on between my rope and plug during the day and have to wear my plug all night.

The rope rubs and hurts after a couple hours which is making things sore and raw feeling ugh. The plug is very uncomfortable going in and out because of staying in for so long blah. It also starts to feel very heavy and making me tender and sore.

I know this ¬†punishment is suppose to cause pain and discomfort, it is to correct my disobedience and to give me a constant reminder of what will happen if I do not obey. I have to continue using both items until I complete my task. I am hoping tomorrow I will be able to complete it, I’m beginning to despise the rope and plug. I have until Friday to complete it but I really want to do it as soon as possible! If I don’t I am going to be so raw and tender by the time I do complete it on top of how sore and bruised I will be after my task. This is not something I want, I really don’t want to be hurting everywhere.

I know that if I dont complete this task by Friday my punishment will be 100 times worse than it is right now. I can’t imagine it being any worse and definitely don’t want that to happen. I just need to learn to obey and complete my tasks like a good little sub.

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