Sense of Touch

I just realized that I’m a very “tactile” person, especially with my friends and love ones. 

I’m not saying that I would be hugging and holding your arm on our first, or even tenth, meeting. That would come when we know each other well, and I’m comfortable being “me” around you. I express myself through touch – a pat on the shoulder, a side-hug, a lean on. 

Maybe this is why I have been feeling a little off these past days. I just started going back to school, and everyone is new. Graduate school is kinda scary. Most people, if not all, are years ahead of me. Different classes with different people. Afterwhich I go home to an empty room. 

I miss my family. I miss my friends. I talk to them almost daily. But its way way different than being able to see and hug them personally. I miss those simple touches, cause they are the most sincere ones you can get.


Mirror Me

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