…That girl is me!

Her heart races.

Her tears flood her eyes,

staining her face,

no one hears her cries.

She counts….


It’s finally over,

he leaves and shuts the door.

“Stand!” He yells!

She listens on demand.

He looks her up and down,

across her face, he slaps his hand.

Blood streams down her legs,

as she gets ready for another.

Bending over the bed,

her head under the covers.

“You’ll always be my whore!”

He whispers as he grabs her face.

“You will amount to nothing else!

You’re useless, you’re a disgrace!”

The dirtiness she feels

can not be washed away.

No water in the world,

can clean her sins away.

She’s a prisoner in her home,

no one can save her now.

Every morning is the same routine.

“Good morning sir.” As she bows.

She’s trapped in his world.

She will never be free.

The girl you just read about…

that girl is me.

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