The Beginning, a very good place to start.

Where to start?  Well, at the beginning I suppose.  I used to journal many years ago, but lost my way between bouncing off the hurdles of life and getting up after being knocked down… but alas, here I am to get comfy with my good old friend, my journal.  I’ve missed it, and needed it.  Glad to be back.


I will save all the depressing backstory for another day… another post.  I am who I am, and even though I may not say WHO I am, you get to know the real McCoy here.


Last year I decided to embark on a thus far unsuccessful journey to a new me.  You know, lose 1,000 pounds before bikini season, let go of toxic people, eat tree bark and mushrooms foraged for by pigs, forgive those who don’t deserve forgiveness but do it for yourself… you get the drift.


That was 2015, and it certainly didn’t go as planned… not even at all.  That is okay, it was one hell of a ride… for the boring stay at home mother and wife that I have become, but hey, a lone Target run IS excited; especially when you get to speed because there’s not adorable little rugrats in the backseat being sticky and loud.  The windows open in the soccer Mom van feels almost… ALMOST, okay who am I kidding, not even at all like riding a Harley… that vibration between my legs that made me forget for just a moment that I was in a van, yeah, that’s the husband calling my cellphone.  “The kids are acting up, and Jack got gum in Calvin’s hair, when will you be home?”  I am a block away…A.BLOCK.AWAY!  Haven’t even been gone 5 minutes, FIVE MINUTES!  I tell him that I will be home in an hour.  After I walk every inch of that Target store I’ll start the timer!


 Well, that was a long sidetrack shall we say? 


Anywho, I hope that venting here will help me gain what little sanity I have left.  Because here I can be totally honest because nobody will know who I am outside of this little box, and I like it that way.  I don’t have to worry about putting a Parental Advisory warning up, or worry about Sally Jo Sue running back to tell the loudmouth gossip queen of the family.  Yeah, I got your number Sally Jo Sue!


SO, feel free to come along for the wild… err… boring ride of tales from my journey that we call “Life”.  My Baby Steps have begun…. and this is where they stay.


2 thoughts on “The Beginning, a very good place to start.”

  1. Welcome! You picked a great place to journal! Looking forward to hearing more about your life. God bless you.

  2. Thank you Savedbygrace! I am really liking it so far! Reminds me of my first journal spot. 🙂 God Bless you as well.

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