To figure out everything in Life!!!

Life isn’t exactly what it looks like in the movies. It’s not always  grand and full of parties…pretty people…pretty things.

Life is hard.

It forces us to make decisions that we never thought we’d have to make.

It’s dirty sometimes. People get hurt. And you hurt people.

Sometimes you feel utterly alone. Like you could just run away and no one would care.

You’re constantly chasing something, but you don’t always know what that something is. It’s confusing.

Sometimes you’re filled with with so much anxiety. You cry for no reason. You consider taking meds, but you don’t have enough money to pay for them.

You wonder. You wonder about people you used to know. What are they up to now? Are they happy?

You think about all the good times you spent with your old friends.

Did you make the right decision breaking up with them? How would your life be different if you hadn’t?  Again, you cry.

Because there’s absolutely no roadmap. You have no idea what’s next. Where are you supposed to go from here? What’s you path? What’s your purpose?

Why can’t you just go back to first grade class? Life was simple then. You had friends. You had direction. You were working towards something- the real world.

You’re constantly second guessing your decisions, because you’re scared of nothing more than getting lost.

You want more than what this life has to offer sometimes, and it drives you absolutely mad.

You want the sun. You want to go places, experience things. Great things. Adventurous and dangerous things.

But  most of the time, work and bills and life in general get in the way of that.

So you feel stuck.

And you feel suffocated.

And you can’t breathe.

Life will feel that way. Sometimes, it’ll feel that way a lot.

But this life of ours, it’s the most overwhelmingly beautiful thing, and you need to remember that. Always.

So learn to breathe and be present. Because if not, you’ll miss it, and you’ll be so sad that you did.

Run as fast as you can towards anything and everything that makes you feel alive. Everything that makes you feel whole.

Use your talents.

Help other people.

Smile even when you feel that all hope is lost. 

Open your heart to everyone you meet, and live a gracious life.

Be grateful for everything you have, because there’s always someone out there who’d want to live your life. 

Taste everything. Feel everything.


See things, talk to strangers. Share all of your stories.

Cry and laugh and stay up all night. Sleep in the next day.

Take time to be outside in nature and roll around in the dirt. Stay outside in the rain and appreciate just how powerful and gorgeous thunder is.


Fiction and non-fiction.

Create your own stories and write them down for everyone to see.

Give everything you have of your soul.

Sing and dance until you’re physically exhausted. Make those memories.

Because as hard as life is sometimes, and as much as you sometimes just want to run away and never come back, you only get one life.

And you can make it as terrible or amazing as you want to.

That’s the truth of it.

Make the best out of all the cards you have dealt. I think if I live this way, I’ll thank myself 50 years from now.

Follow your heart, and don’t be afraid to do things that scare you shitless.

Those are usually the best things.

The things that push you….

The things that take you to exactly where you need to be.

So love your life, and live it with reckless abandon.

Everything will be okay.

But now you’ve come to find that being in the real world is like being dropped out of an airplane in the middle of some crazy vast open field with no phone, no GPS.

It sucks, and It’s up to you to find your way. Go ahead Pixie!!!!

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