Tuesday journal

Aug 17, Tuesday.
Busy day at work. I wanted to get desktop view done today and I finally got it done at the end of the day. I coded everything and pushed it to dev site for testing. So far so good. I see some minor things to fix but it seems ready for the mobile view. A lot more works to do. Exciting! That kept me busy pretty much all day today at work.

I woke up early today and finally sign up for the gym. Did it on their website and ran to the gym. Felt so weird to work out after two months of not working out at all at the gym. I even forgot my regular workout routine that I have done for years lol However, it felt really good after working out!

Also went out for Tuesday night skating at downtown LA. 11 miles of skating then beer with hotdog. Always good time and meeting new people. Back home around 11:30 PM, took a shower and writing journal for a day. Noticed that internet got out right now. It’s been annoyingly slow and was going to talk to my roommate anyways. Gotta text her tomorrow and have go to Toyota dealer shop to check out my car’s windshield washer spay. One on the driver side is not working. wtf.

Well that’s pretty much it for today. 12:32 AM now. Gotta go to sleep for tomorrow. Not sure if I can make it to the gym in the morning or not lol

Goodnight all.

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