Why me?

I get that I’m the oldest, but I’m also a 21 year old human being trying to get my shit together, you and me are the only ones that pay the rent for me it’s a lot and also very stressing. I do have bills you know, I don’t fart money. For you to even volunteer me to pay for my sisters school supplies is the dumbest thing you’ve ever said. I don’t get help from anyone, I’m looking for another job that I can do part-time. You have a son that has a savings account with a good fair amount of money in, why bother asking me for money when I’m broke as a joke. You have a man ask him for help. I don’t know mom, you’ve left me with bad credit, I never got to fix my car’s tires because you changed your mind and will not pay me back. I’m alone, I don’t get help.

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