A Danger of EVP

I’ve seen numerous accounts so far and even though the accounts vary in ways, there seems to also be some similarities

some of the warning signs are

if you start getting EVPs real quickly, like within a matter of days or weeks and you start hearing them on practically every recording…any where to, location really has little to do with it I believe…you’ll probably find if you did recording sessions in different places you’d still hear the voices the same way….possible red flag there

in allot of cases, the first EVPs tend to be pretty clear, Class A perhaps that others will also hear, in my opinion, this is like a lure…those first ones get you curious and you get lured in from this curiosity

but if you also start hearing numerous fainter voices pretty quickly…if you start hearing down at the lower noise level and you start going over these recordings over and over again..and you find you can over time start to hear them….this can alter your hearing….possible red flag

if you experiment with any carrier sounds or background noise, like running fans and such and you find you can hear them in real time….that’s a risky development

allot of these voices at first seem very eager to communicate…if they seem overly complimenting saying stuff like “I love you” allot, that’s a red flag, I’ve seen that in a few cases. Also, and this is a big one, I’ve seen this in practically every case, if you start getting allot of voices saying “HELP ME” or “HELP US”, things along those lines…I know it’s difficult to ignore a voices calling out for help, and I’m sure some will think I sound cruel, but I’ve seen this “Help Me” stuff in every case, especially my own, it can be hard to ignore and that’s why they do it…to hopefully bring about more direct interaction giving them more time to adapt to you and you more time to adjust to hearing them

or they could pretend to be a deceased loved one or friend…..they did that to me….they can read you like a book, so they can claim to know things that only a particular person would know…but that does NOT mean that it is them…most likely….it is not

if the voices seem benign or even benevolent at first but then more negative ones slowly start to appear….red flag

if you experience any unusual activity when you’re not recording…like hearing footsteps at night, or whispery voices, or weird sounds…anything suspect and unusual….that’s a red flag

if you start conversation level interaction with these voices on the recordings…..this is a danger zone

as opposed to setting up a recorder and going back later….though you may get EVPs in real time as your listening, and the fainter ones may change each time you listen to a particular recording

if you start hearing these voices in other sources of sound, like say in phone static, or any white noise, etc…..etc…..big red flag

when it hits, it hits fast, so I of course agree that never taking up EVP is preferable

but of these situations where people developed this condition of hearing voices …these are some common things that occurred in the early stages while still recording.

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