A Danger of EVP

There was nothing I could do but just lay there in bed. The damn tormenting voices were all around me. It seemed like from the room upstairs, someone had turned over a ten foot stereo speaker to the floor and turned the bass all the way up. This menacing voice spoke with such a deep bass tone, I could literally feel shockwaves and vibrations every time it spoke. Another one of these spirits came right up along side me and started making this terribly annoying buzzing sound and continued to do so for quite some time. The objective of this of course it seemed all to clear to me was to prevent me from getting any sleep this night at all.

Throughout the night I felt these terrible sensations of something literally digging into my side. Other times I would feel this strange and disturbing vibration sensation literally move all through my body. What was happening to me was beyond words, beyond all description. This was a nightmare that I could not awake from. This was a waking nightmare that I could not even end by going to sleep. There would be no sleep for me this night.

Before I had foolishly messed around with doing EVP, I had read lots of stuff online about opening portals to dark entities, but I never put much thought into it and now I was paying the price in a very horrifying way for that. All that stuff is not a fairy tale. Since this all happened to me over a year ago now, I have met others who also got hit with hearing voices at a psychosis level after doing things like EVP, using spirit boxes, quija boards, automatic writing, using a pendulum to try and communicate with spirits. With all the paranormal tv shows that are out there now, and with allot of stuff on youtube, we’re in a time where this stuff is portrayed in the media allot recently.

But it is not something that anyone and their uncle Joe can or should be doing as a fun weekend hobby. There are serious risk, and they are not the same for everyone across the board. Getting hit with this level of torment may be rare, but with the other cases I’ve found this past year, I know for a fact that it is happening. Some people are more open and perceptive to these things than others and I believe that these people are more vulnerable to have a run in with a malevolent entity if they start messing with these things. The problem is, you may not realize that you are in this more open and vulnerable category until it is too late, such was the case with me.

And while some may disagree with this, just trying to be positive when trying to engage in spirit communication or investigation will not necessarily keep you safe. I’ve never been a follower of the common phrase “like attract likes”. In my own case, sure, I’m not always the cheeriest person in all the world, but I am nothing like these entities that harass me. There’s more to it than just “vibration”, there’s virtue and principles, these entities are tyrants who don’t give a damn about the oppression and damage they cause. I have nothing in common with them at all. I firmly believe that some people simply have thinner blinders to the unseen realities that surround us, and these people may be putting themselves at greater risk if they engage in this type of activity.

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