Many people are driven to find out about the ultimate reality because everyone wants to feel as if we have a purpose in life and we are here for some type of reason. I know me personally I always find myself wondering these questions why am I here? Or why did this happen? Or even why do I exist? These are the questions that make us who we are if we don’t wonder about our purpose in life then we are just living day by day without thinking about the consequences of our actions. I know I don’t want to live day by day without a care in the world. I want to strive and do better and make sure I do the best I possibly can. These questions are questions that people always want answered but are never fully satisfied with the answer, and that is what pushes us to do more in life. Makes us what to strive to figure out our purpose or why something happened. Many people want to believe in a greater and higher power to help understand and answer these questions about ultimate reality. For example I am Catholic and ever since I was little I have always been told if you’re questioning anything about life if you look in the bible your answer will be there, you just have to figure out what exactly is the question that you’re trying to ask. So for Catholics, that is our higher power the word of God. The answers to our questions are already answered we just have to search within the word of God to find these answers out. For most of the people in my family they never questioned the word of God, and was raised not to question anything in the bible so as they grew up they never thought twice about it. They never tried to explore any other religions or faiths. They were born into being Catholic and that is all they know. So for them they may think of these questions but have never gone into depth with the answers living day by day with what they already know. For me I questioned my faith at at really young age always wondering if there was anything else out there and how am I supposed to believe something that has happened so many years ago? I ended up coming back into the Catholic faith but I do not practice as much as the rest of my family and to them I am out of the norm. I do believe in a higher power that can answer these questions but I also believe we have to answer these questions for ourselves because we do control our own destiny. Like in module 4 all of these questions of metaphysics such as do we have a free will? Or if there is life after death? Or does God exist? These are questions we must answer for ourselves and I don’t think these questions can be answered by someone else it is for us to interpret how we please and based on our past life experiences and what we know. So many people go to the bible for these answers but the bible wasn’t meant to be taken in a literal sense so it is open to many different interpretations. I think people are just supposed to look for guidance and take what they read and use it to how ever they believe it says to help them get through a crisis or questions they have to be answered. Like I know many people when they refer to Genesis in the bible saying the world was made in 7 days, there is no physical way this could of happened and the book of Genesis wasn’t even the first chapter to be written. People take it so literal though once they read that the world was built in 7 days, even though many people know it is not physically possible for this to happen.

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