Decision to share about my near death experience.

Took my son to shop for school clothes and seeing how he has grown made me happy I am blessed to have been given a second chance to be with him and his little brother.

Then, I took them to a McDonald’s with a playland and watched my baby run all over the place playing, laughing, and so happy made me satisfied and accepting to be home fulltime for them. 

I nearly died when I had my baby, was in 3 comas, 9 months in the hospital, they had a priest to give me my last rites, asked my 18 year old daughter at that time fresh from US MARINE boot camp if she would like to pull the plug on her mommy (ME) because I wasn’t going to make it. My daughter knew me enough to say NO, and what these doctors didn’t know was how much of a fighter I am, and you can NEVER count me out without my permission. 

So, today I decided to do what everyone suggests for me to do and that is to write about my experience/a blog. I will do it, but in my journal. I may start out this weekend, but it will take time to complete. I still go through nightmares and my doctors say not only I suffered major physical damage but I have been diagnosed with major PTSD. Therefore, to re-live this will not be a an easy task. In the end, I hope my story will help others about the importance of being positive,  strong, and having faith can lead to COMPLETE HAPPINESS & PEACE. 



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