DiaryEntry#1:// The New Start

    Well hello there… well I bet your’re wondering “Well what the hell is this about?” It’s just mostly about me. “Well duh” Yeah, but it’s about the “New Start”. This Year is a new school year. This year I went from the top of the foodchain to the bottom because im a Freshman now.

     Well a little about me is that, I’m dating a wonderful guy(which is a grade above me) lets call him… James. But the sad thing is, is that i kinda get… relationship anxiety. I actually love him to pieces it just that i feel trapped, and anxious. What Im about to tell you might be dumb of me, and it might bite me in the ass later but before we started dating we were talking for like 3 months, and he opened to me a lot, and like two days before we started dating he told me that he was this other girl who is know as a hoe and her body count is 3 people and we’re only 14 which kinda scares me… because i don’t know if i wanna lose my virginity soon and he could just go to her and it can all like happen… but anyways lets call her Bcount. Anywho… i just lost a bestfriend too. lets call her HoeBag i’ll explain more about it tomorrow but anyways, if ya’ll have any comments suggestion, questions, or even advice just comment below, love y’all

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  1. Don’t worry about it if he calls her a ho then he must not like her. If her body count is that high at your age why would he want to be with her anyways? Nobody wants to screw someone who has had sex with 3 other people at 14, its probably like throwing a hot dog down a hallway, so just don’t think much of it. Don’t let it bother you, just brush it off.

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