End of Punishment

This afternoon my punishment ended since I obeyed and completed my task. The task was hard but I was able to get through it. Master was pleased and ended my punishment. I’m sore and tender from all of it but it’s nothing I can’t handle. 

Im happy that I have pleased Master, I prefer pleasing him than disappointing him. Things are better and happier when he is pleased. I am learning from my mistakes and from my corrections, Master is teaching me to be a good obedient sub. 

Despite what some might think our relationship is a good relationship and a consensual one. I would not be in this if wasn’t what I wanted. Master is very good to me and always has my health, mind, body, and soul put first. He will never hurt me or do anything that I can’t handle. We discuss everything that is in our relationship and come to mutual agreement. There is more to this relationship than what I write about on here. 

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