My new thing to do…

Since I am disabled and not able to work, I might as well write down things. It could be my feelings, thoughts, or experiences. It could be good or bad.  A way to express myself as I am beginning a new life NOT WORKING ANYMORE. It’s hard to accept that fact for I am a very independent and strong person. I never rely on anyone and I am a parent to little children that rely on me. 

Maybe having a journal will help me motivate myself to do things that I need to do desperately. In addition, if I should die this time FOR REAL!!!, I leave behind this for my kids to get to know me more. 

Ok, time to sleep. Gotta get ready tomorrow for my adventures in my life. 



One thought on “My new thing to do…”

  1. My condolesens. I hope you get adapted to your new situation. Good luck with the journal, too.

    It is sweet to think of your children while writing this journal.

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