ok… is it ever?

well my 70 year old mother is not talking to me.. why?  I haven’t a clue.. but get this whole scenario…

she recently found out that in court records.. my father, whom she has been divorced from since I was 7 years old.. has a balance on the court books owing her 15 grand in back pay child support. .. oh  don’t you know she ran with that one… .. yup she ran and filed a motion for a court date… and when my dad got served a certified notice.. he sent me a text saying he was amazed that she is off her rocker now with this..

two 70 year olds going to court to bicker over some back owed child support.. my mom has always wanted my dad to burn at the stake for his cheating and their ultimate break up..

so my dad calls the court house the lady that answered confirmed that she saw that amount due but also that it could be an error..

but ultimately I wanted to make my dad aware ,, that she was told  she was due an amount and to understand her side of it.. and that if its a mistake the court will adjust according and dismiss it ..

but I have been texting her and calling her and it goes to voice mail..well im no dummy I get notified when my texts  get opened and it says it was delivered and received and im not sure why she is giving me the silent treatment .  she usually does that to my sister not me..

unless in all this mess my dad or sister blurted out that I have her blocked off my facebook cause she acts this way..

yes I deleted and blocked her off my facebook because she would make comments where ever I did.. and some of her commenting was inappropriate on certain peoples pages  with whom she was not a mutual friend even… * eyeroll*

so today I will be sending her a text asking why im on silent treatment.. yes im gonna call her out on her attitude…

she has to change her attitude or karma will make her come back in another life until she gets it right.. I love her to the moon and back but her righteousness is getting the best of her and its petty.. and at 70 years old. … come on.. days should be grateful and cherished..

and im turning the big 50 in October… for years and years  we have not had traditional holiday get togethers because my mom refuses to celebrate with my dad present.. so she wont come into town if he is going to be visiting and whats worse is my grand kids don’t even know what role my dad plays  really.. and who he is..

its crazy…

so I just sent her a text telling her that im realizing she must have me on silent treatment and to provide me with a valid reason of why because I don’t understand.


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  1. I’m so sorry that she is acting that way. It is so hard when someone starts treating you that way and you have no idea what is happening. I don’t belong to facebook. I had a co-worker who could read all the hateful things her daughter said about her on facebook and it really turned me off to wanting to be on there. I know that you have to be careful who you friend and what you say because there are people that get mad when they read some of the things posted.
    Hopefully your mom will pick up her phone soon and tell you what is making her so angry.

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