It’s Wednesday already

Time flies lately. I feel like it was Monday yesterday and it’s almost weekend already. Just two more days to go lol. Very busy at work for coding a new theme. Today, I got the mobile view done along with other smaller screen sizes. It looks good on all other devices I have at work. So far pretty good. Tomorrow, I gotta implement Javascript functions to the UI and actually make it work. Just little worried about implementing it with actual content. Since all developers are not very involved with it yet. I gotta talk to Danilo about this tomorrow and figure things out.

Worked till 6 PM and skated right back to home. My entire body got sore after working out 2 days straight at the gym in the morning. It felt good but I think I need some rest now. I couldn’t go to Toyota service center today but made an appointment tomorrow morning. It’s 8:09 PM now and I’m so ready to sleep already. I need extra sleep today for rest of the week.

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